Thursday, July 22, 2010

Princess Crown Tutorial

I love when kids can play dress-up, so I sketched out and perfected this crown for role-playing! It's pretty simple to make, just be patient while turning it inside out! This crown is made to fit any head size as long as you attach about a 4 inch long strip of velcro on the back.

1. 3/4 yard of fabric
2. Thin sheet of batting or even felt would work
3. Craft jewels/gems (3 total)
4. Strip of velcro

First: Cut out the crown pattern (click below) out of your fabric & batting. The tallest tier of the crown is where you'll cut on the fold of your fabric - cut two of these. Please note you'll need to continue the back part of the crown to make it as big or little as you like to fit your child's head.

Second: Put the two patterns right sides together, place the batting on top, and sew leaving a gap open to turn it right side out. I left my gap at the back end of the crown.
Third: Turn the crown inside out.
Fourth: Sew around the whole crown - this adds a more polished look & closes up your gap without it being noticeable.
Fifth: Add your velcro. Put the soft side of the velcro on the inside strap so it won't pull any hair! I put a white thread in the top of my sewing machine and the thread to match my outline in the bottom so the stitching on the velcro wouldn't be easy to see.
Sixth: Add your gems in the center of each circle! I used super glue because I don't really trust craft glue :)

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