Friday, November 30, 2012

Tutorial: Headband Holder

I was officially tired of trying to stuff all of my little girl's headbands into a bathroom drawer, when I thought of making one out of an oatmeal container. And yes, there are other ways to make headband holders, but I didn't want to spend any money! My directions are a bit vague but this is pretty much self-explanatory with the pictures. If you have additional questions just comment below. 

So here's how I did it:
Supplies: Oatmeal container, hot glue gun, fabric scissors, piece of cardboard, ribbon, and half yard of fabric 

 1. Lay out your fabric and leave some extra on the ends, then cut. 

2. Put some hot glue on the fabric end and stick it to the oatmeal container.  

3. Wrap the fabric around and glue it to the container again. I folded the end so there wouldn't be a raw edge that could potentially fray. 

4. While you have your hot glue out, wrap fabric around your cardboard square. This is to keep your container from rolling around. I also thought of putting something heavy inside your container before you wrap it so if you want that option scratch this idea :) 

5. Hot glue the cardboard piece to the bottom of the container. I put it right on the seam.  

6. Now tie the ends with ribbon like a piece of candy. I did little bows. 

There you have it, a headband display!