Monday, December 19, 2011

Tutorial: 10 Minute Fleece Pillow

Here's an incredibly simple, inexpensive, no-sew pillow to make! I made one for my almost 2 year-old daughter and she LOVES it because it is so soft. 

What You'll Need:
-3/4 yard of fleece
-Pillow form 14" x 14"
-Fabric scissors

1. Take your pillow measurements (I say it this way because you may want a bigger/smaller pillow form than I used) and add 6 inches to those numbers.

2. Fold your fleece fabric in half but don't worry about using the folded edge. Cut those two layers in a square with the measurements you came up with in step 1. 

3. Cut strips into the edges of your fleece about 4" in depth and about 1" in width. Cut out the corners as you go. 

4. Put your pillow in-between the two pieces of fleece and start tying them together. I used square knots. 

You're done! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Items On Etsy

I don't believe I've mentioned this here... but I am expecting baby girl #2 on the 20th of this month! So you may not hear from me, but I hope to keep up with posting. In the meantime, I've added a great amount of items to my etsy shop, Itty Bitty Fashion, and wanted to share!

You can see all of my items on etsy here.

Here's some quick pictures:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Link-Up: Christmas Table Runner

This is a fun table runner to make, and it comes together pretty quickly. I wanted to share the link to where I got the pattern from: 

And actually you can use this pattern with any fabric to make it whatever type you like, but it makes for some good little Christmas presents to friends! 

**I do have to give credit to my sister for making this table runner pictured above; I made a whole bunch and gave them away so I guess I'm lucky she made one for me! (What are sisters for, right?)