Friday, February 11, 2011

Leftovers to Love

Something I do A LOT is take family members' projects that never were finished and simply put, I finish them! For instance, below is a quilt I finished which my sister-in-law gave me the nine piece squares for. She planned to make a bed spread but since it had never happened, I relieved her of them! :) I didn't want to make a huge blanket so I did the same pattern on each side but with different fabrics; creating two distinct looks and a reversible quilt!
This is an easy pattern to do; sew together the nine patches, cut out squares of the same size in a different fabric, turn all the squares on point (diagonally) and sew! I left the corners cut-off just for fun; see below.

Turns out I really like this system of taking scraps and making quilts. What I haven't mentioned yet is that since I have enough quilts of my own, I like to make these sort of quilts and then give them to someone in need or a local charity. I LOVE quilting and this way I get to do it while helping others.

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Smith said...

That came out adorable!!! Cute ideas.