Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cont'd Tutorial: Adding a Tab to Your Purse

1. Make a U shaped pattern - 3 inches wide. Cut two pieces. Place the metal piece down on one cut and mark where those two rectangular holes are. 

2. Fold your fabric and cut on the two marks you just made. Now you can slide your metal piece through. 

3. This isn't a requirement but I do it to reinforce the magnet on the tab: Do the same steps you just did but now with the cardboard and slide that into place. You'll see here also I put interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric. 

4. Now you can put on the metal back piece. 

5. Bend out the magnet prongs to secure it into place. 

6. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew around the U shape but leave the top open. Remember to backstitch.

7. Turn the tab inside out.

 8. Sew a small line around the tab if you like. 

9. When putting the tab in, place it between the two layers of the purse. Have it stick out a good 1/4" so it is securely in place when sewn. For the purse, I put the inner lining inside the outer and right sides together with the magnet facing down on the tab. 

10. On the other side of the purse's outer lining, put the other side of the magnet in about an inch and a half down from the purse's top. 

(Outer lining with magnet finished):

Here's a closer view of the purse! The tab is (obviously) there on the top but it does blend in a little with this fabric design!

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