Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What do you want to know?

I'm interested in knowing what you , my readers, are yearning to learn about! Is there a kind of project you'd like to get started on but aren't quite sure how? The whole point of this blog is to help YOU out, so please tell me what I can help you with. And even if I have no idea what to do... I'll be searching the web to find the best person to tell you.

Or do you have a tutorial you're wanting to share with others but don't want to start a blog or website of your own? I'll feature your tutorial and of course give you all the credit. Consider me the 'middle man'! (Please email me if interested in this option; please make sure the tutorial involves sewing).

I'd really like to cater to your needs so please please comment and tell me what you are wanting to learn!


jholfeltz said...

Terri you are awesome! You are so cute, & motivated. I really need to get sewing! I have a sewing machine but have hardly even pulled it out. I know have my lil guy who is already 8 weeks! I want to start w/ a car-seat cover(tent) thing. You can be my motivation & help w/ tips & advice! Thanks you are awesome!

Naomi Hanks said...

I'd love to sew some of that cute felt food I've seen around for my little 2 year old. If you could post something on that, that would be helpful! Also, I've seen these baby quilts with the seams on the outside all frayed and stuff. Would love to know how to do that!