Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fabric Lingo

Jelly Roll: Strips of matching fabric from a line (ex: Moda) that are 2 1/2" x 44". The number of strips can vary.

Honey Bun:  Strips of matching fabric from a line that are 1 1/2" x 44".

Charm Pack: Various fabrics cut into 5" x 5" squares.

Fat Quarter: Fabric cut approximately in 18" x 22".

**As a side note, there are quilting pattern books you can purchase that specifically make patterns for fabric packs such as these. Below is my favorite book I've bought for jelly rolls - I've done almost all of the patterns! These types of patterns are the best to learn from because your fabric is pre-cut which makes less cutting for you but the directions are simpler to follow.

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