Monday, October 25, 2010

Denim Flowers

After hemming a pair of jeans, I had about 3 - 4 inches of denim left and thought; surely there's something I can make with this! So I cut three different sizes of circles, stitched on a button, and kabam! 

I made seven little flowers to put on clips for my hair, my daughter's hair, or a headband. 

Or I can stitch them onto a shirt, a hat, a decorative towel, or onto a quilt top. 

I used quilter's thread to put on the buttons because it is thicker/stronger and therefore you don't need to thread through the button as much to make sure it holds.

Here are the clips I bought: I bought these kind of clips because they lay more flat against a head & head band. Hot glue works to attach the flowers - but I used super glue.
 I think it will work better, if not I'll let you know!

The denim will fray a little sooner or later, but will only add to the cuteness of these flowers.

Here's my daughter sporting her new flower clip!

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Nate & Jamie said...

What a cute litte trouble maker! You should rag the edges a little--wanna make me some? :)