Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hemming Jeans

There are different ways to hem jeans, but I found this way the easiest to understand and do! 

Follow these steps:
1. Try the jeans on with shoes you most often wear or size them up against another pair of jeans that you like the length of. 

2. Fold the jeans up to the length you desire (I just did one side but you can do both if you like).

3. Iron the folded section to create a crease in the jeans.

4. Unfold and mark that crease with chalk or soap - whatever you will be able to see.

5. Then measure 1" down and mark a new line. You'll fold the fabric under to create a new hem OR you can roll the whole hem under. If you choose the latter than skip to step 8.

6. Cut jeans on the line you marked in step 5.

7. Fold jeans under twice at a 1/2" fold each time. Iron each time you fold for easier pinning. Yep, you guessed it, now pin!

8. Sew your new seam! Don't forget to use thread that matches what was used on the jeans already. I also used a specific needle for sewing with denim. You can buy needles at Tacony Corporation Klasse Jeans/Denim Machine Needles-100/16 5/Pkg. Also, when sewing, make sure you backstitch but start sewing   near the side of the pant leg so it's not so obvious.

Here is the finished product on the outside:

And from the inside:

**If you had at least 3 inches of denim you cut off... don't throw it away! I have a project to do with it coming up next!!**

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