Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick-Tip: Transparent Thread

Quick-Tip:   When sewing, do not put transparent thread in both the top and bottom of your sewing machine. It's bad for your sewing machine as well as for whatever you are sewing on.

Why This Is Important:   Before I knew this rule I quilted with transparent thread on top and through the bobbin. I thought the reason my thread was always bunching up or "catching" on things was because of me. Then I learned what I should have been doing!

Solution:   If quilting, use your transparent thread on the top and a cotton thread on the bottom/in the bobbin. Also, make sure your cotton thread matches your quilt on the underside because it will show.

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Cyndie said...

ah ha! Thanks, I was having a horrendous time sewing with this stuff and now I know why. Awesome blog btw.