Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 Step No-Sew Headbands

I debated whether or not this could really be put up on my blog...seeing as how there's no sewing involved! But it's such a great idea and easy process that I had to post about it. The size of this headband is for infants/toddlers. They are my favorite headbands to put on my daughter because they don't squeeze her head and the nylon is so soft on her skin!

1. Take an old or new nylon sock

2. Bring the two ends together and tuck the toe part into the opening on the other side. Then fold that in half. Put in a dab of hot glue into the middle and press (hot glue will seep through the layers since nylon is so thin).

3. Simply add your flower with another dab of hot glue! You can also put on a bow, lots of ribbon, a bead in the middle of the flower (as shown below), or little strips of fabric. I like adding the "pretties" to the middle - like anything that resembles a bracket so you can just punch through the flower and you're done! Remember to add those types of things before you hot glue the flower on.

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Billy and Megan Smith said...

Cute headband! :) Hey, I tried clicking on the follow me button and it didn't work- any ideas?