Monday, May 16, 2011

A Quilt from The Purl Bee

Here is my version of The Wedding Quilt, by Purl Bee:

I was asked to make a quilt - one that would have colors of a rainbow and colors of a sunset. So here's my version of a sunset on a quilt! 

Pros of This Pattern:

This is a queen size (I added two rows to each side) and it came together rather fast! The quilt is put together by sewing strips end on end and then sewing those together.

There are a lot of different ways to choose fabric - the original on The Purl Bee website has white as a background color whereas I have no background color. Plus you can change the pattern of how fabrics are laid out - for instance, I have dark in the middle going out towards light colors. Someone else might do dark on the left going over to lighter colors on the right of the quilt.

It's free! Visit the link above my pictures!

Cons of This Pattern:

Deciding where to put what color, how much of each fabric I needed, and laying out the quilt took me almost a whole morning! And I'm pretty decisive!

When cutting the fabric, I would have cut the top and bottom rows (going across the quilt) to size rather than leaving them 12" and not cutting them until AFTER you've sewn each strip (going down the quilt).

When on The Purl Bee's pattern it said to take off so many inches per each strip on the top and bottom rows, I had to scratch out those numbers and focus on how much fabric I needed to leave there instead! One suggestion I received to do was leave those strips 12" and just mark where you would be cutting so you can make sure it is even before you do any permanent cutting!

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Cyndie said...

HOLY COW that looks AWESOME! Good job, quilting can be so exhausting.