Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Water's Edge Quilt

This is Water's Edge, designed by Marion Patterson in the quilting book, Simple Stitches Quilting. I did add the borders around it though. This quilt is black, white, grey, and purple. I totally changed the color scheme so that would be why this quilt doesn't really look like the "Water's Edge"! 

The front:

The back:

I only have one complaint for this pattern: if you don't use a layer cake  (40 10" squares of fabric pre-cut) it is best to lay out the pattern as you cut your fabric and the pieces that lay horizontally you'll want to cut a 1/4" shorter. 
You can purchase this quilting book which has "18 projects for the new quilter"! I just received it as a gift and have found many patterns I am anxious to make. 
Below is a picture of the book as well as a link to it on Amazon:

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