Monday, July 18, 2011

"Sweetwater" Quilt

I have been very busy making quilts for a customer of mine! (This quilt is one of two just this month!) Hence the reason for so many quilt posts. This pattern is called "Sweetwater" by Debbie Outlaw, provided to me through Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts. Had I not been making this for someone else, my husband said he really wanted to claim it! (Thanks hub). The colors I used are black, green, ivory, white, and a touch of light yellow. 

Pros of the pattern: 
Easy, simple, and quick assembly. 

The pattern is easy to understand and can be made with primarily fat quarters. 

The pattern also gave size options which told me how much of each color of fabric/fat quarters I would need to make a twin, full, or queen size quilt. I was VERY impressed with that!

Cons of the pattern:
Assembly could take longer if you follow the pattern instructions and assemble the quilt first by doing blocks, and then sewing rows together. I simply sewed together rows after laying out my fabrics and the quilt came together just as nicely but faster. 

Although this pattern told me how many fat quarters I would need to make the rectangular pieces, it was off. I needed double the amount the pattern told me! So if you decide to make this; you'll want double the amount of fat quarters it says to make for the cream and beige fabrics. Luckily I had some scrap fabric that provided me with enough to make do. 

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