Monday, October 24, 2011

Lady Bug Costume

I wanted to share my first homemade Halloween costume for my little girl! It came together nicely so I'd love to share how I made it. 

Sorry for the lack of a cute background, but we had to get in pictures before she ripped off any of the attire!

The hat is crocheted, with added crocheted black circles. The antennas are made using black pipe cleaners and are secured on the hat by threading them through the crocheted holes already there. 

I bought a plain red shirt and added black circles of felt that I cut out. I cheated and hot-glued them on instead of sewing since I was out of black thread!

The wings I found at a local thrift store for $1.00! But I can easily see them being made with hangers, red nylons (if there is such a thing), and some paint. The arm bands are elastic, covered with red fabric which stay on quite nicely.

The skirt is a piece of elastic measured to my daughters waist size, with black tulle and red fabric tied in knots around it. VERY easy and I'm sure you've seen the technique before. Then of course she has on black tights. 

This costume is custom made for the cold Utah weather! But as you can see it wouldn't be hard to make some changes if needed. In the meantime,


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