Monday, October 3, 2011

Tutorial: Eight-Pointed Star Block Pattern

This quilt block will end up measuring 6"x6". I will be referring to the inner fabric as your "star" fabric, and the outer as your "square" fabric. Sew with a 1/4" seam. 

This is a great block for scraps! 


1. Cut two 2 7/8" squares from your star fabric and then cut once diagonally across on each. I used more than one fabric for my star because I only had honey bun strips. You can use one fabric!

2. Cut one 3 1/4" square from your star fabric and then cut it diagonally twice to make four triangles.

3. Cut one 2 1/2" square from your star fabric.

4. Cut four 2 1/2" squares from your square fabric.

5. Cut one 3 1/4" square from your square fabric and cut it diagonally twice to create four triangles. 

6. Time to sew! Sew your star and square quarter triangles (from steps 2 & 4) on the top right side as shown in the picture below. Be sure to place your fabrics right sides together with the square fabric on top. If you don't do this correctly your star won't come out right! Don't worry though, I did some unstitching too... After sewing, open the triangles and iron open the seam. Repeat this step for all of your quarter triangles.

7. Take your triangle from step 6 and sew onto it a half triangle from your star fabric (from step 1). Sew with right sides together, on the long side of the triangle. Iron open. Repeat this step to make four star-point squares. 

8. Here are what your star-point squares will look like: 

9. Start sewing your rows together. First row: square fabric 2 1/2" square, star-point square, and a square fabric 2 1/2" square again. Iron.

10. Second row: star-point square, star fabric 2 1/2" square, and star-point square again. Iron.

11. Third row: 2 1/2" square fabric, star-point square, and 2 1/2" square fabric again. Iron.

12. Now you have three rows that, when you place them above and below one another, should look like this:

13. Sew each of your rows together, remembering to line up the seams so your star comes out as beautifully as possible! Iron and straighten out your edges (by cutting) to make the block exactly 6"x6". 

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