Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 Step Shirt - Ruffle Me Up!

Ruffle Me Up!
- After almost giving away these shirts, I thought I might be able to get just a bit more use out of them! Here is my 10 step process to spice up any of your plain shirts! -
1. Cut two 3" strips the length of your fabric. My shirts are size small and two strips covered from top to bottom. If you think you'll need more length, just cut an additional strip of fabric.
2. Sew the strips together end-to-end.
3. Fold your long strip in half, right sides together and sew straight down.
4. Put the seam in the middle
5. Sew only one edge together (fabric still right sides together)

6. Turn inside-out and press with the seam in the middle
7. Put your fabric seam side up on your sewing machine and sew straight down with a stitch length of 5.0
8. Ruffle the fabric
9. Start pinning with the end of the fabric that you have sewn together. Make sure the fabric is flat because it will try to curl on you.
10. Change stitching back to its normal measurements and sew! Start sewing on the same end as step 9.

**Back stitch anytime you start or finish sewing your ruffle onto your shirt. Also, stop sewing about an inch away from where you'd like to stop because you'll need to trim the fabric. Leave an extra 1/4" of fabric at least so you can fold the fabric inward and finish sewing it onto your shirt. That way you have no salvage edges that will fray.

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