Friday, August 6, 2010

Sew Mama Sew Serger Giveaway

Sew Mama Sew is giving away this NEW Husqvarna Viking Serger! 

This is NOT my giveaway, so be sure to click above to enter.

Why would I like to win a serger of my own!?!
I grew up around sewing - my grandmother being a seamstress and my mother leaning more towards quilting. I've seen the best of both worlds! So, it's only natural to me to have available a normal sewing machine as well as a serger. Unfortunately, I don't have extra money to invest in a serger as I am staying at home with my 5 month old daughter and my husband is finishing up his undergraduate degree in Spanish teaching. I would use this to teach myself as well as others (the main purpose of my blog) the perks of using a serger. I am thankful for my talent in sewing and LOVE to share it with others. I've taught two gals how to sew and it has been a blast. I've even had the opportunity to start a weekly quilting group to show new techniques I've learned. Having a serger would help me to work on more projects, expand my knowledge in sewing, and then teach that to others. 

Thank you for such an amazing giveaway Sew Mama Sew!! 

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