Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chenille Quilt

Do you want a quick, easy, and beautiful quilt to make? I've got the pattern for you! It's a chenille quilt. I have two of my own and I receive endless compliments on them. 

Here's the quick tutorial: 
1. Purchase up to six different flannel fabrics (I buy baby flannel) at 1 1/2 yards each.
Tip: Buy mostly for the overall color, not necessarily the design as it won't be seen except on the back of the quilt & a little bit on the front but I'll explain that later.
2. Layer your fabrics - the first face down, the second face up, the third face down, then how ever many layers you'd like to do on top of that with the face up.
3. Now you can mark a 45 degree angle on either side (top or bottom). 
4. Now sew each 45 degree angle line - I use 3/4 inch masking tape as my width so if you tape the quilt at a 45 degree angle you would sew in between each strip. Just do a straight stitch here & start in the middle, working your way out on each side.

5. Now straighten out and trim each of the sides so all fabrics are the same length on the edges.
6. Cut all layers (but the two on the bottom) in-between each of your sewn lines. See how the second to last layer shows up more? That would be one fabric that you'd want to take the design into consideration.
7. Sew on your binding, and you're done!

As always, let me know if you have questions or comments - I love to hear from you!

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